Online Registration

All students attending Albemarle, Monticello and Western Albemarle high schools will complete registration for classes online via Parent Portal.

Registration Tips

The following suggestions were gathered from administrators, faculty, parents and students to supplement the Program of Studies and to assist parents and students in making well-informed decisions for next year's schedule.

  • Teachers’ recommendations are made for next year’s classes in December based upon the student’s current performance in a particular subject, the student’s work habits and the teacher’s knowledge of the prerequisite skills needed for success in subsequent courses. In some cases, student achievement in previous courses and concurrent classes may be considered due to skills needed in the next sequential course. Teachers’ recommendations are reevaluated at the end of the year if major changes have occurred in the student’s performance.
  • If a student chooses to take a course without the recommendation of his/her current teacher, we cannot guarantee that the student will be able to change classes once the school year has begun. Faculty staffing and space limitations in classes may make a class change impossible. We ask that families who wish to override the recommendation of a teacher contact that teacher directly to fully understand the rationale of that recommendation. Once this takes place, there is a form to sign.
  • The Guide to High School Coursesor Pathways to Your Future, addresses the characteristics that a student should have to succeed in a particular course level.

School Registration Information and Dates

Find out more about registration dates, documents, and school-specific information by visiting your school's website.