High School Summer Program

High School Summer Program

The primary goal of the High School Summer Program is to offer Albemarle County Public School students the chance to take or retake a course where they would like to improve their knowledge, skills, and understandings.

The High School Summer Program is open to rising ninth through twelfth grade Albemarle County Public School students.

IF YOUR STUDENT IS AN ATHLETE and plans to play in the NCAA please note that all virtual summer courses offered are NOT NCAA compliant. Please contact your school counselor regarding the course you selected and any school or NCAA compliance concerns.


Updated information on the 2021 High School Summer Program will be posted on your high school's website after spring break. If you have any questions, please contact your student's base school. 

PLEASE NOTE **Students must consult with their school counselor to discuss their future plans and the impact of summer school classes before signing up for the High School Summer Program**