Fine and Performing Arts

Visual and Performing Arts provide a natural and essential context for important habits and skills for lifelong learning, such as creating, risk-taking and perseverance, and also bring us joy as an expressive part of the human experience. Through our Fine Arts classes, students have the opportunity to:

  • Apply musical, theatrical, and/or visual arts skills, independently and collaboratively, through performance and display opportunities, both inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Communicate about the Arts by describing, analyzing, evaluating and critiquing using Arts-specific vocabulary.
  • Recognize and appreciate the aesthetic nature of the Arts, anchored in cultural and historical contexts as well as personal preferences.
  • Connect with Arts opportunities and careers, both locally and globally. The goal of Fine Arts instruction is ultimately to prepare all students for a lifetime of engagement with their creative side through art, music, theater, publishing, filmmaking, and creative writing.

Fine Arts courses are organized below by program area.

Fine Arts Program Areas & Course Descriptions