Visual Arts

General Information

Students in the Visual Arts Career Learning Community (CLC) learn to meet a variety of challenges by formulating creative solutions. Students study the human experience through art, gaining hands-on experience with various mediums for artistic expression, developing their critical thinking skills and their ability to critique art, and deepening their understanding of the history of art and its cultural significance.

Who should consider this CLC?

Students who:

  • Love making things by hand;
  • Love art, design, and visual creations;
  • Are creative;
  • Think outside the box; or
  • Are searching for a community of like-minded artists.

What are some career fields that align with this CLC?

  • Art education
  • Art restoration
  • Design (fashion, graphic, industrial, interior, landscape, set/costume, etc.)
  • Fine art (painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, crafts, film, etc.)
  • Marketing
  • Museum or gallery curation
  • Web design or content creation

Industry Credentials Aligned to CLC

  • MATLAB Certified Associate
  • Autodesk Certified Professional
    & User


Monticello High School

Course Overview

GATEWAY10th Grade

Complete the Gateway course:

Fundamentals of Design


PATHWAY SEQUENCE11th – 12th Grade

Choose a pathway and complete the sequence of courses for that pathway:

Photography 1 and 2

Multimedia Crafts 1 and 2

Digital Arts 1 and 2 or Graphic Arts Design 1 and 2

Film and Video Production 1 and 2 or Film Study/Filmmaking 1 and 2


CAPSTONE12th Grade

Complete the Capstone course:

Visual Communications Design


PATHWAY PLUS10th – 12th Grade

Complete at least one Pathway Plus course:

Psychology or PVCC PSY 200/230 Principles of Psychology/Developmental Psychology or AP Psychology
Journalism 1
Entrepreneurship 1 or PVCC BUS 116/165 Entrepreneurship and Small Business
AP Studio Art: 2-D Design or AP Studio Art: Drawing or AP Art History
PVCC BUS 100/200 Business and Management

Visual Arts Course Descriptions

For more information about course registration, career development, or our Career Learning Communities, please contact your school counselor.