Math, Engineering & Sciences

General Information

The Math, Engineering & Sciences Career Learning Community (CLC) prepares students to pursue post-secondary and career interests in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) through exploration of specific interests, hands-on project experience, and the development of critical STEM skills.

Who should consider this CLC?

Students who are excited about:

  • Building rockets, airplanes, cars, bridges or buildings;
  • Helping the environment or tackling climate change;
  • Human, plant or animal biology;
  • Computers, electronics, robotics, or artificial intelligence (AI); or
  • Understanding how people think, feel and act.

What are some career fields that align with this CLC?

  • Architecture or construction
  • Astronomy, biology, chemistry, etc.
  • Economics
  • Engineering
  • Environmental science
  • Manufacturing
  • Mechanics

Industry Credentials Aligned to CLC

  • MATLAB Certified Associate
  • Autodesk Certified Professional & User


Albemarle High School

Course Overview

GATEWAY10th Grade

Complete the Gateway course:

Science, Technology & Society


PATHWAY SEQUENCE11th – 12th Grade

Choose a pathway and complete the sequence of courses for that pathway:

Data Science + any math course of interest

Engineering 1 and 2 or PVCC EGR 121 Introduction to Engineering and PVCC EGR 122 Engineering Graphics

Data Science + any science or social science course of interest

Principles of Technology 1 and 2


CAPSTONE12th Grade

Complete the Capstone course:

Scientific Research and Design


PATHWAY PLUS10th – 12th Grade

Complete at least one of the following Pathway Plus courses or any AP math or AP science course:

Robotics & Automation 1 or 2
Computer Science 1 or 2 or AP Computer Science Principles or AP Computer Science A
Psychology or PVCC PSY 200/230 Principles of Psychology/Developmental Psychology or AP Psychology
Engineering Research 1 or PVCC CAD 151 Engineering Drawing Fundamentals
Probability & Statistics or any AP math course
Physics 1 or any AP science course

Math, Engineering & Sciences Course Descriptions

For more information about course registration, career development, or our Career Learning Communities, please contact your school counselor.