Geospatial Technologies, Logistics, Robotics & Transportation

General Information

In the Geospatial Technologies, Logistics, Robotics & Transportation Career Learning Community (CLC), students make interactive maps, apps, and story maps; use Geographic Information System (GIS) technologies such as ArcGIS Pro, Network Analyst, and Drone2Map; get hands-on, project-based decision-making experiences; and leave high school with high-tech skills that are in high demand.

Who should consider this CLC?

Students who are excited about:

  • Maps, Google Earth, and drones;
  • Using leading-edge, dynamic software;
  • Developing skills to design maps and apps to solve community, environmental and social challenges; or
  • Augmented reality, virtual reality, and 3D mapping.

What are some careers that align with this CLC?

  • Climate Scientist
  • Conservationist
  • Forester
  • GIS Manager
  • Health Geographer
  • Helicopter Firefighter
  • App Developer

Industry Credentials Aligned to CLC

  • Certified Logistics Associate
  • SMART Automation
  • Small UAS


Monticello High School

Course Overview

GATEWAY10th Grade

Complete the Gateway course:

Global Logistics 1


PATHWAY SEQUENCE11th – 12th Grade

Choose a pathway and complete the sequence of courses for that pathway:

Geospatial Technology 1 and 2

Robotics & Automation 1 and 2

Computer Science 1 and 2 or AP Computer Science Principles and AP Computer Science A


CAPSTONE12th Grade

Complete the Capstone course:

Global Logistics 2


PATHWAY PLUS10th – 12th Grade

Complete at least one Pathway Plus course:

World Geography or AP Human Geography or PVCC GEO 210 Cultural Geography
Psychology or PVCC PSY 200/230 Principles of Psychology/Developmental Psychology or AP Psychology
Data Science or Computer Science 1 or AP Computer Science Principles
AP Environmental Science
Probability & Statistics or PVCC MTH 154/155 Quantitative Reasoning/Statistics or AP Statistics

Geospatial Technologies, Logistics, Robotics & Transportation Course Descriptions

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