Environmental Studies

General Information

Students in the Environmental Studies Career Learning Community (CLC) study the intersections of biology, ecology, geology, and human life. The curricula is enhanced with field experiences that aid in the understanding of natural resources and how they are impacted by the human population.

Who should consider this CLC?

Students with an interest in and a passion for the environment or nature, or who simply enjoy the outdoors.

What are some career fields that align with this CLC?

  • Environmental law and policy
  • Forensic science
  • Forestry
  • Gardening
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Meteorology
  • Wildlife biology


Western Albemarle High School

Course Overview

GATEWAY10th Grade

Complete the Gateway course:

Foundations of Environmental Science


PATHWAY SEQUENCE11th – 12th Grade

Choose a pathway and complete the sequence of courses for that pathway:

Horticulture 1: Plant Systems + Horticulture 2: Greenhouse Plant Production and Management

Forestry Management 1 and 2

Environmental Management 1: Ecology + AP Environmental Science or PVCC BIO 107 Biology of the Environment


CAPSTONE12th Grade

Complete the Capstone course:

Environmental Literature/Law/Policy


PATHWAY PLUS10th – 12th Grade

Complete at least one Pathway Plus course:

World Geography or AP Human Geography
Biology 2: Animal Studies
Earth Science 2: Geology
AP Environmental Science or PVCC BIO 107 Biology of the Environment
Geospatial Technology 1 or JMU GEOG 161 Geospatial Tools and Techniques

Environmental Studies Course Descriptions

For more information about course registration, career development, or our Career Learning Communities, please contact your school counselor.