How do I sign up?



How can my student sign up?

STEP 1: Review the available CLCs in the brochure and slide deck which provide an overview of the purpose, goals and options available to students. Additionally, the High School Program of Studies, is an online, interactive guide which lists all available courses.

STEP 2: Explore pathways aligned to your child’s interests, strengths and goals using Schoolinks and the Career Guide. Schoolinks is a college and career readiness platform that helps students discover their interests and strengths, and explore colleges and careers. (Instructions on how to create a guardian account). Additionally, the Career Guide provides an overview to explore and become familiar with career pathways, labor market data and in-demand career opportunities. (Career Guide in Spanish)

STEP 3: Identify a CLC of interest and register for the Gateway course. The Gateway Courses List provides students and families a list of introductory courses aligned to each Career Learning Community with course descriptions and course codes. Once your child identifies their courses of interest, families can use the Parent Portal and Student Portal to register for courses.

When can my student sign up?

Dec. 5 to Jan. 3

Students and families select the classes of their choice including core, elective and CLC offerings in the Parent Portal and Student Portal.

Jan. 3 to Feb. 24

Counselors meet with students and families to discuss course requests.

March 31

All class selections and changes must be made by the last Friday in March. Students interested in a Career Learning Community after this point will be added to a waitlist.