TPA Tools: Forms, Guidelines, and Surveys

NOTE: Interim (C10) and Final (C9) TPA Forms are now available as editable PDFs that atomatically tally scores and calculate ratings. Save these forms to your computer before completion using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

To download editable copies of other forms, please click on the "Word" link at the end of each bulleted line.

Student Surveys provide important feedback to teachers on their
performance and should be administered by non-tenured teachers during Q2 of years 1-3 and by tenured teachers during Q2 of their recertification year. The following standard surveys will be provided for capturing student feedback.

NOTE: Please Contact Chris Gilman in DART to arrange for Upper Elementary and Secondary Surveys to be administered electronically. Online versions of the student surveys are available in multiple languages including Arabic, French, Korean, Thai, Spanish, and Turkish.