Administrator Performance Appraisal

The Albemarle County Public Schools Administrator Performance Appraisal (APA) provides a systematic structure to build and ensure a culture of professional learners committed to meeting the educational needs of all students.

The APA is a growth based model designed to meet the needs of administrators in Albemarle County Public Schools. This model attempts to provide more opportunities to elevate the discussion regarding best practices in education as well as the needs of the individual administrator in the professional development process.

"Sustainable change, afterall, depends not upon compliance with external mandates or blind adherence to regulation, but rather upon the pursuit of the greater good."

Douglas B. Reeves, Leading Change in Your School:  How to Conquer Myths, Build Commitment, and Get Results

Documents are in progress of being updated for the 2023-24 school year and updates will be posted in August.

Dr. Clare Keiser
Assistant Superintendent for Organizational Development
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