Required Registration Documentation

In order to enroll a child in a public school system in Virginia, state law requires the parent/guardian to provide certain information to the school division. A summary of enrollment requirements is provided below; full details are available on the Virginia Department of Education's Enrollment Requirements web page.

Please note: Families can now upload required registration documentation as part of the online registration process! We recommend that you gather your documentation prior to completing our online registration form. If you do not have all of your required documentation at the time you submit the registration form, you will need to make arrangements with your child's school to provide the documentation.

Required Documents

1. Original Birth Certificate

A certified copy of the child's birth certificate must be provided; a photocopy will not be accepted.

2. Proof of Residency

A parent or legal guardian (proof of guardianship required) must submit two proofs of residency in Albemarle County. Post office boxes and driver's licenses are not considered proof of residency. To prove residency in Albemarle County, you must provide:

One of these: AND One of these:
  • Deed or mortgage
  • Monthly mortgage statement
  • Residential rental/lease agreement
  • Shared Housing Agreement
  • Pre-dated lease (military families only)
  • Paid Albemarle County tax receipt
  • Utility bill dated within 30 days or notice of hook up or deposit
  • Court orders
  • Military orders
  • Letter from social worker
  • State agency agreement regarding the child's residency

3. Comprehensive Physical Examination Report

The Commonwealth of Virginia School Entrance Health Form (also available in Spanish: Mancomunidad de Virginia Formulario de Salud Para El Ingreso Escolar) includes three parts:

  • Part I - Health Information Form
    The parent/guardian does not need to complete Part I of the School Entrance Health Form if they complete the Albemarle County Public Schools online registration form, which includes the same questions.
  • Part II - Certificate of Immunization
    A copy of the immunization record signed or stamped by a physician or designee, registered nurse, or health department official is required before a student can attend school.
  • Part III - Comprehensive Physical Examination Report
    A physical examination signed by a qualified licensed physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant is required for all students in grades PK-5 before the student can attend school.

The physical examination must have been performed no more than one year prior to the student's first day of school attendance. While the report must contain the elements prescribed by the State Health Commissioner, state law does not require use of the Commonwealth of Virginia School Entrance Health Form. A different form can be accepted so long as it provides the necessary information.

While not required, the physical examination report is also recommended for students enrolling in grades 6-12.

 4. Immunization Records

Documentation indicating that the child has received required immunizations must be provided. This information is included in Part II of the Commonwealth of Virginia School Entrance Health Form (see “Comprehensive Physical Examination Report” above). For a list of minimum immunization requirements for school attendance, please see the Virginia Department of Health's School and Day Care Minimum Immunization Requirements.

5. Expulsion Statement

This statement is completed as part of the Albemarle County Public Schools online registration form.

Previous Educational Records

Schools will request educational records from previously attended schools. You may be asked to provide additional information (Individualized Education Plans, medication information, etc.) that would assist the school in providing the best educational environment for your child. In addition, parents/guardians of secondary school students may need to schedule an appointment to meet with a guidance counselor to plan course enrollment.

Missing Documentation

Our online registration form provides an opportunity for families to upload required documents. We recommend that you gather your documentation prior to completing our online registration form. If you do not have all of your required documentation at the time you submit the registration form, you will need to email documentation to your school registrar or contact your child's school to schedule an appointment to drop off documentation.

If you are unable to produce any of the required documents listed above, please contact the school your child will attend for information about alternative documents that can be provided to meet registration requirements.

Additional Registration Documents & Information

For links to additional documents related to the registration process, please visit our Additional Registration Information page.

Registration Assistance

If you have questions about the registration process, you may call the central office at 434-296-5820, or you may call the school your child will attend. Visit Our Schools for contact information.

To receive on-site assistance with the registration process, please contact your child's school to schedule an appointment.

For assistance registering a child who was not born in the United States or speaks a language other than English, or if the documents needed for school registration were issued in a foreign country, contact the International and ESOL Office at 434-296-6517 or email