First Day Packet

Parents receive several forms to complete during the first week of school. Some forms are required and are distributed to each of the school by the Albemarle County Public Schools (ACPS) Central Office Building and given out at the first of the year. This particular group of required forms is described below with links so that you may see the form itself.

Please note: There is no need to print the following forms, as copies will be sent home with your child during the first week of school.

Permission & Authorization and Document Receipt Checklist

This single-page form contains two sections: one that addresses various permissions and another than enables parents to indicate that they have received certain informational material. This form must be signed and returned to the school indicating that you have read, received, and are informed concerning the items found in the ACPS First Day Packet of required forms.

Permission & Authorization and Document Receipt Checklist - English

Permiso y Authorización y Lista de Cotejo de Recibo de Documentos - Spanish

Family Life Education Brochure

Within the Family Life Education (FLE) brochure, we take the opportunity to inform parents of the objectives taught within the Albemarle County Public Schools Family Life curriculum. While there exists overarching goals for the FLE program as a whole, it is important to note that the FLE learning objectives vary by grade. Within this brochure, parents are also given the opportunity to withdraw their child from part or all, of the FLE program.

Family Life Education Brochures - English

FLE K-3rd

FLE 4th grade

FLE 5th grade

FLE 6th grade

FLE 7th grade

FLE 8th grade

FLE Health 1 (formerly 9th grade)

FLE Health 2 (formerly 10th grade)

Educación de la Vida Familiar Folleto - Spanish

FLE Kinder-Tercer Grado

FLE Cuarto Grado

FLE Quinto Grado

FLE Sexto Grado

FLE Sétimo Grado

FLE Octavo Grado

FLE Noveno Grado

FLE Décimo Grado

Parental Responsibility & Involvement Requirements

This packet is produced by the Office of the Superintendent in accordance with state law. Virginia Code requires that each year we send parents information about their responsibility, a copy of Albemarle County's Standards of Student Conduct, and a copy of the law and School Board policy excerpts regarding compulsory attendance.

Parental Responsibility & Involvement Requirements  - English

Parental Responsibility Packet_2013-14_ENG_Rev072013

Requisitos en cuanto a las obligaciones y la participación de los padres  - Spanish

Parental Responsibility-2013-14_Spanish_Rev072013

Parent's Guide to School Bus Safety

This pamphlet is intended to provide Albemarle County parents with more knowledge about children’s responsibilities for school bus safety. Transportation Services has tried to provide answers to the most commonly asked questions; however, parents are encouraged to contact Transportation or visit their website for more information.

2013-14 Parent's Guide to School Bus Safety

2013-14 Parent's Guide to Transportation - Spanish

Child Nutrition

Child Nutrition Program Letter to Households

Household Application for Free and Reduced Price Meals

FRL Quick Instructions English 2013-14

Programa de Nutrición Infantil Carta de Dirigida a los Grupos Familiares

Solicitud de para Comidas Gratuitas y a Precio Rebajado

FRL Quick Instructions Spanish 2013-14

The Child Nutrition Program's annual Letter to Households contains some basic information about school meals as well as information about applying for free or reduced price meals. An application for free or reduced price meals is attached to the Letter to Households.

Other Forms

Though the below forms are not included in the required forms that come from the ACPS Central Office and are sent to all the schools to be distributed to students and parents at the first of the year, many are important forms that may be needed by parents at some point. Some schools do distribute additional forms at the first of the year that are not required but are distributed at the discretion of the principal.

Student Registration

The Student Registration Form is the primary student information collection tool used by the School Division. New and transfer students are required to fill this form out in its entirety, while returning students receive a pre-populated form that enables parents simply to review the information on file and note any corrections. This form is maintained by the Department of Accountability, Research & Technology.

Student Registration Form | 

Matrícula Escolar

Medical Forms

Administering Medicines to Students

Administrative procedures for administering medications to students

Notification to parents

Albemarle County Public Schools Parent's Request for giving medicine at school

Contract for self-carried medication

Authorization for self-carry/administration of medicine at school and after-school activities

Parent's Request for First Aid Treatment at School