Attendance Areas

Albemarle County Public Schools determines which of our 15 elementary schools, 5 comprehensive middle schools, and 3 comprehensive high schools your child will attend based primarily on your physical (home) address.

Residents can learn which schools serve a particular area by searching for a street address in Albemarle County's GIS Web Viewer. Once a property is identified, users can select "Other Parcel Characteristics" in the Details menu on the right side of the page to view the elementary, middle and high school districts associated with that property.

Alternatively, residents can review our school district maps to get an idea of which schools serve a particular area:

Additional maps can be accessed on Albemarle County's County Maps web page.

Important Note: While every effort is made to ensure accuracy, please note that school districts listed on the GIS Web application are unofficial. Any official decision about which school district a particular house or parcel belongs to must be made by the Albemarle County Public Schools Transportation Services Department at (434) 973-5716.

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Lab School, Academies & Centers

Community Lab School

Albemarle County Public Schools (ACPS) operates a charter school that serves students in Grades 6-12. Any student who is eligible to enroll in Albemarle County Public Schools can apply to attend our Community Lab School.


ACPS provides high school students who are interested in specialized STEM-H curricular offerings or IT and media communications with four distinct academies to choose from: the Environmental Studies Academy (ESA), which operates at Western Albemarle High School; the  Health and Medical Sciences Academy (HMSA), which operates at Monticello High School; the Information and Communication Technology Academy (ICTA), which operates at Center I; and the Math, Engineering & Science Academy (MESA), which operates at Albemarle High School. Any high school student who is eligible to enroll in Albemarle County Public Schools can apply to attend any of the four academies.


The division's contemporary learning center, Center I, offers a small, community-based environment and non-traditional curriculum choices. Students work with teachers to design personal learning plans, and they manage their weekly schedules, providing them with the flexibility to pursue work-based learning experiences, part-time employment, or additional coursework. In partnership with Piedmont Virginia Community College (PVCC), Center I hosts college classes taught by PVCC adjunct professors on a college schedule. Center I is intentionally located in a business and industrial complex to facilitate opportunities for students to interact with and learn from successful businesses. There is no application process required to attend Center I.

In partnership with Charlottesville City Schools, ACPS offers the opportunity for high school students to receive specialized training in a variety of career fields through the  Charlottesville-Albemarle Technical Education Center (CATEC). These offerings supplement Career and Technical Education (CTE) offerings at our high schools and include both traditional technical training and emerging fields. Students are enrolled in their base high school (determined by school attendance area) and take classes at CATEC during the school day.

ACPS students also attend programs available at the Center for Learning & Growth, Ivy Creek School, Post High, and the Piedmont Regional Education Program (PREP).