Help Your Child Succeed

Albemarle County Schools recognizes the importance of family involvement in a child’s education. We encourage all family members to communicate with teachers and school personnel and to attend events that involve your child.

Parent Council

Parent leaders from across the school system connect with each other and school officials every month through the Albemarle County Parent Council. Every public school in Albemarle County selects a representative to participate. Parent Council’s purpose is to promote quality public education through programs for parents, teachers, and the public. The Council includes three at-large community members and the Superintendent of Schools (ex-officio member).

Parent Council meetings serve as a forum for parent leaders to share ideas, exchange information about school issues with school officials, and plan special events and outreach efforts to inform and involve parents, teachers, and community members.

Parent Council members also serve as an important communications link between the Albemarle County Public Schools central office, School Board, and their schools. Often, members provide input to the School Division on important initiatives and take back information about Division successes, challenges, and pending changes to their school communities. Parent Council also organizes efforts to educate others about the school budget process and the impacts of state- and federal-government decisions on local public schools.

To learn more about Parent Council, contact your school principal or parent organization president or visit

Parent Conferences

All schools hold Parent Conferences in the fall. These conferences generally are held at the interim, or half-way point, of the first 9-week marking period, or are held in late October or early November, at the end of the first marking period. Check with your child’s school to determine which days they are hosting parent conferences. Some schools require that parents sign up for a conference time, while others hold open conference times, with first-come, first-serve opportunities. Many schools also hold formal parent conferences times in the spring as well.

Schools schedule multiple opportunities for conferences and avoid major religious observances in order to meet the varying schedules of our diverse families. Of course, if you would like to meet with your child’s teacher at any time, feel free to contact him or her to arrange a conference at your mutual convenience. We encourage you to attend parent conferences to learn more about how your child is doing in school and to have a chance for a one-on-one conversation with your child’s teacher.

Back to School Night

All schools hold Back to School Night in late August through mid-September to offer parents an opportunity to speak with their child(ren)’s teachers and with building level administration. You will also get a chance to tour the school, see your child’s classroom, and other facilities, such as the cafeteria, library and gymnasium. At all of our high schools and many of our elementary and middle schools, the principal gives a “State of the School” address at the beginning of Back to School Night, to allow parents to learn more about the achievement, goals and priorities at the school. Be sure to check your Albemarle County Public Schools Division Calendar or check with your school for the correct date and time of your child’s Back to School Night.

To learn more about becoming involved in your child's education, visit our Parent & Family Involvement page.