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Infrastructure & Support

​​​​​Infrastructure and Support Services is a centralized group structured to support ​all ACPS networks as well as centrally manage software; this includes: phones, wireless, computer software, and server systems. Infrastructure and Support Services consists of two groups: the Network Engineering staff and the Service Desk Engineering staff. 

Infrastructure and Support Services is managed by Robert Rejonis, Assistant Director of Infrastructure and Support Services.

The Service Desk Team

Contact the Service Desk with technology questions, issues, and needs. 

Service Desk Engineers

  • Peter Small
  • Ian Davidson
  • Michael Gonyar

Visit the Knowledge Base to view articles that can possibly answer your questions by going to the Service Desk Portal and click on Knowledge Base Articles:  Service Desk Portal

The Service Desk supports approximately 19,375 computers and over 531 printers and copiers. 

We create images for use by teachers, staff and students. The current Windows 10 image has 138 applications that we support. We also create profile based images for SOL testing, visitor checking in registration system and library kiosk. 

At any given time the Service Desk assists with over 138 different types of software. The various applications that we support are (but not limited to):

  • Google Accounts
  • G Suite Management
  • Microsoft Office
  • Outlook
  • Office 365
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Software System
  • Web Browsers
  • Plugins And Printer Drivers
  • We Monitor Malware Using System Center Configuration Manager And Windows Defender Security

We are responsible for the procurement of software licenses and managing their assets. 

Approximately, 30,000 service desk tickets are submitted each year with the average time to close a ticket being 31.4 minutes. 

How to request assistance

  • Requests are processed through the online Service Desk Portal
  • We have over 400 user downloads that are available to teachers, staff and students. Downloads are available depending on the user role within licensing specific software and availability to specific printers. To install printers and download available software like Adobe products, go to the Service Desk Portal and click on the "Want software? Go to the Downloads page" button. A list of available software and printers will appear. Click in the Search List to filter to query for a particular software.
  • You may also contact the Service Desk at 434-975-9444 or
  • The Service Desk is located at 1180 Seminole Trail, Suite 385, Charlottesville, VA 22901. ​​​​​​​​​
  • Service Desk hours are Monday-Friday, 7:30am to 5:00pm.

ACPS Infrastructure Team

The Infrastructure Team consists of a Lead Network Engineer, three Network Engineers, and an Infrastructure Technician.

The Network Engineers are responsible for a wide array of network, communications and datacenter equipment and technology deployments.

Major focus areas of work involve the engineering, installation, maintenance and administration of network resources, datacenters and complex division-wide systems including, but not limited to, networking equipment, servers, wireless and telephony equipment, applications, databases and Enterprise directory services. The engineers serve as technical leaders for high-level Enterprise engineering projects and provides departmental oversight of division-wide networking infrastructure.

The Infrastructure Technician performs installation, maintenance and repair of structured cabling and infrastructure hardware across all school division facilities. This position also provides general support to division infrastructure projects as needed. Work is performed in a variety of settings, both indoors and outdoors, as well as during and after normal business hours. Infrastructure cabling and hardware includes cabling and equipment for hardwired and wireless data transmission, audio/visual equipment, computer/telecommunications equipment, and physical locating of underground ACPS data utilities.

The maintenance window is scheduled for Saturday from 5:00pm through Sunday at 5:00am. All routine server updates and maintenance will occur during the designated timeframe. Emergency maintenance will be announced as required.

The Network Engineers are located at 1180 Seminole Trail, Suite 385, Charlottesville, VA 22901. ​

Network Engineers

Lead Network Engineer

  • Scott Layman

Network Engineers

  • Nathan Carter
  • Marco Villegas
  • Cria Wood

Infrastructure Technicians

  • TJ Weber
  • Josh Johnson

Currently Deployed, Configured & Maintained by Infrastructure Team

  • Over 250 Servers (Multiple OS, Multiple Vendors, Varied Virtualizations)
  • Over 625 Terabytes of Data Storage Capacity (Spindle & SSD)
  • Over 2000 CPU Cores
  • Over 245 Nationwide Carrier Mobile/Cellular/LTE Devices & Lines of Services
  • Over 2,400 VoIP Devices (Phones, Conference, Fax & Video Telepresence)
  • 2,000 VoIP Voicemail Users & Mailboxes
  • 1,000 DID Telephone Lines
  • Over 250 Individual Network Based Equipment Including:
    • Internet & Layer 3 Routers
    • Layer 2, 3 & POE Switches
    • Firewalls
    • URL/Content Filters
    • Mail Filters
    • Voice Gateways
    • Voice Circuit Termination 
    • Wireless Controllers
    • Load Balancers
    • Packet Shaping 
    • LTE Wireless Broadband
    • P2P Microwave
    • IP Based Cable Television 
  • Over 1,350 Wireless Access Points (Indoor & Outdoor)
  • Over 20 High Power Commercial-Grade LTE Radios & Antenna
    • 150 LTE UE Equipment
  • Over 15 Miles of 100Gb Outdoor Fiber Optic Cabling
    • Current Project In Place To Install Remainder Of 80 Miles
  • Over 10 Miles Of 10Gb Indoor Fiber Optic Cabling
    • Current Project In Place Upgrading to 100Gb Cabling

Currently Supporting 27,000 Devices, 14,000 Students, 3,000 Staff & 32 Sites/Schools

  • 30Gb/s Aggregate Internet Bandwidth 
  • Multiple 10Gb/s WAN Rings Inter Connecting All Sites
  • 270+ Square Miles of LTE Wireless Broadband Coverage
    • Current Project In Place To Propagate Across Albemarle County
  • 12 Million Internet Sessions On A Daily Basis That Are URL Filtered And Firewalled
  • 700Gb Of Internet Data Transmitted & Received & Filtered On A Daily Basis
  • 100,000 Emails Sent, Received & Filtered On A Daily Basis
  • 6,000 Devices Access Guest Public Wireless On A Daily Basis
  • Exchange, PowerSchool, Schoology, WWW, Alexandria, Minecraft, Active Directory, Versatrans, Cafeterm

Robert Rejonis, Assistant Director of Infrastructure and Support Services
Department of Technology​
Phone: 434-296-5820 • Fax: 434-872-4570​

Megan Elliott, Manager of Infrastructure and Support Services
Department of Technology​
Phone: 434-296-5820 • Fax: 434-872-4570​

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