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blackboard image.JPGWelcome to the Blackboard support page!  Blackboard is our division's learning management system and is an essential digital learning tool for staff and students.  Teachers use Blackboard for communicating with students and parents, accessing our division's digital curriculum, posting and organizing digital content, managing a digital workflow in their classrooms including posting ​assignments and providing feedback in a paperless environment, and for delivering and providing feedback on assessments.

To access ACPS Blackboard, click here
Please see this page for information about supported internet browsers. For additional support resources provided by the Learning Technologies team, please visit the Learning Tech tool page for Blackboard Learn.

The Blackboard help site is a great resource for learning Bb and researching questions that arise.  Blackboard Learn Videos is also a great option if you would like to view short instructional videos focused on specific tools and functions in Blackboard.​​​

Creating Blackboard Learn Classes

For teachers, your Blackboard Learn classes can be created for you through the division's Blackboard Learn-PowerSchool integration. This integration allows us to create classes for teachers and keep course enrollment up-to-date based on information in our student information system (PowerSchool). Teachers should reach out to the SIS Contact in your school's main office to activate your classes in Blackboard Learn. Once your school's SIS Contact flags your classes in PowerSchool, within 24 hours theclasses will be created in Blackboard Learn and your students will be enrolled automatically. For other staff members that need Blackboard classes or organizations not tied to a PowerSchool class, please submit a service desk ticket to have the class or organization created.

Blackboard Learn Evaluation

As part of the school division's model of continuous improvement, we are currently undertaking a review of Blackboard Learn to determine if it continues to meet the division's commitment to quality learning.  As part of the review, other currently available Learning Management System (LMS) tools will be evaluated to ensure that we provide educators and students with the best resources for managing the learning process.  Stakeholder involvement is a critical part of the review and any subsequent evaluation of alternatives.

The current review and evaluation process:

  • May/June 2018 - Survey stakeholders about current LMS use.  An initial brief survey to students, teachers, and administrators will inform a second, more comprehensive, survey to a larger stakeholder group to include parents.
  • August/September 2018 - Articulation of criteria and needs for an effective LMS and issuance of a detailed Request for Proposals (RFP).
  • October/November 2018 - Evaluation of submitted proposals followed by vendor demonstrations to a broad stakeholder group.  A representative group of teachers, students, administrators, and parents will be involved in this process.
  • December 2018 - Selection of an LMS solution.  If the selected solution is something other than Blackboard Learn, then planning for implementation will commence.
  • February/March 2019 - Pilot implementation, including professional development, if the selected solution is something other than Blackboard Learn.
  • Summer 2019 - Professional development for all staff, if the selected solution is something other than Blackboard Learn.
  • August 2019 - Division-wide implementation if the selected solution is something other than Blackboard Learn

Throughout the review process, stakeholder input will be solicited and used to inform next steps.  A change from Blackboard Learn to a different LMS tool will only be undertaken if it is determined that a different tool would better serve our stakeholders.  Embedded in that decision will be a keen awareness of the resources (monetary, training, and content migration) needed to support a shift to a new LMS tool.  The review team will value the time and effort teachers have put into developing content for their existing Blackboard Learn classes and look for opportunities to ensure that the transfer of that content to any new system is as easy as possible.

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