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Digtial Learning Policies

‚ÄčOur Technology Policies

Everything we do with technology and our children is part of our educational belief system. And we believe in children learning through choice, learning through being given responsibility, and learning through making mistakes in a safe environment and making better future decisions.

In our schools we work with behavior issues, we do not focus on technologies. Students have wasted time in schools whatever the classroom technologies were, they have become distracted, they have brought inappropriate content into classrooms, sometimes they have even bullied other students. Though the technologies have changed, our commitment to helping students make better decisions 'next time' has not, and so our response to behavior problems has not changed.

Behavior issues are thus governed by our Student Code of Conduct and our Student Handbooks. Damaging school property is damaging school property whether textbook, locker, or computer, interfering with other students in class is that, whether by passing notes or sending texts.

We advocate the responsible uses of every technology and promote best practices with every communication and learning tool, and we hope parents and caregivers support our efforts by doing the same at home. We do not block technologies children in this century use, because if they are not using those technologies where we can watch, catch problems, and help, we are not doing what today's students need us to do. We do not offer just one choice when students work, but offer them multiple possibilities, and welcome their discovery of others, because this is the way our children learn to leverage these tools to their own advantage.

In our schools our commitment to contemporary technologies is all about our commitment to learning, and the way we manage our technologies reflects that.

Responsible Use Policy

Responsible Use Policy en Espanol

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