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Facilities We Support

Facilities We Support

The Department of Building Services supports four high schools, five middle schools, 16 elementary schools, two service facilities, and the PREP/Ivy Creek School. The indoor surface of 2,352,763 square feet is included in the total number of 631.59 acres. Please consult the table below for specific information.

High Schools
FacilitySquare Feet​No. of Acres​
***​Albemarle High School341,703​40.0​
Monticello High School​​249,195​70.0
​Western Albemarle High School​187,754​75.0
​Murray High School​29,4157.1
Total: High Schools 808,067 ​192.1
Middle Schools
FacilitySquare Feet​No. of Acres​
Burley Middle School​123,626​15.3
**Henley Middle School​​120,419​30.0
***​Jouett Middle School​93,271​20.0
*Sutherland Middle School​​94,440​21.0
Walton Middle School​​98,340​50.0
Totals: Middle Schools ​530,096 ​136.3
Elementary Schools
FacilitySQ. Feet​# of Acres​
Agnor-Hurt Elem. School​​80,95619.5
Baker-Butler Elem. School​84,365​55.0
Broadus Wood Elem. School​​49,852​11.7
**Brownsville Elem. School​​90,550​20.0
Cale Elem. School​​91,307​16.1
Crozet Elem. School​​54,142​21.2
***Greer Elem. School​98,158​15.0
*Hollymead Elem. School​​66,437​20.1
Meriwether Lewis Elem. School​​56,450​17.1
Murray Elem. School​​42,057​20.9
Red Hill Elem. School​​28,950​10.9
Scottsville Elem. School​​32,954​15.0
Stone-Robinson Elem. School​​71,100​11.3
Stony Point Elem. School​​38,500​11.6
Woodbrook Elem. School​​50,366​12.0
Totals, Elementary Schools ​936,144 ​278
All Schools, Total
SQ. Feet​# of Acres​
2,274307​ 606.4​
Other Facilities
FacilitySQ. Feet​# of Acres​
***PREP/Ivy Creek School​20,000
***Vehicle Maintenance​​18,824​15.0
***Building Services​​9,778​3.0
Service Facilities & PREP Total​​48,602​18.0

*   Facilities share a 41.07 Acre Site
**  Facilities share a 50.0 Acre Site
*** Facilities share a 216.762 Acre Site

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