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Managing Energy Use

Managing Energy Use

 Please read through the following material, then print and fill out the quiz at the end.


Energy conservation will depend on the help of all staff and students. When individual efforts are combined for our school system, they can add up to financial and environmental savings. As a custodian, we request that you report any sighting of the following to your supervisor:



Lights are to be turned off in unused areas. Please report to your supervisor if you find lights left on in any areas. Please remember to turn off lights in areas not in use.


Task and Decorative Lighting

Task and decorative lighting must be turned off when it is not being utilized. Please report to your supervisor if you find these lights being left on.

Electrical Devices

All electrical devices (e.g., computers, printers, fax machines, televisions, Smart Boards, projectors, copiers, etc.) shall be turned off at the end of each work day by the space occupant. This is especially true of computer labs. Please report  to your supervisor if you notice any of these devices being left on.

Personal Appliances

Personal appliances for non-instructional purposes are restricted to break rooms or teacher lounge areas (this includes personal refrigerators in classrooms that are not used as part of instruction). Please report to your supervisor if you find any personal appliances in classrooms.


Space Heaters

Personal space heaters are prohibited unless area temperature cannot be maintained. Please report to your supervisor if you find any space heaters in classrooms.


Unit Ventilators and Registers

Unit ventilators and registers must be free of all obstructions. Please report to your supervisor if you find any unit ventilators or registers blocked.


An interesting fact is that a stuck flush valve will waste approximately 2,100 gallons of water per hour.  This costs us $31.50 per hour, or $756 per day.  Please report water wasting ASAP and as a high priority work order.

Energy Star

Did you know that a building can earn the ENERGY STAR label just like your refrigerator? An ENERGY STAR qualified facility meets strict energy performance standards set by EPA and uses less energy, is less expensive to operate, and causes fewer greenhouse gas emissions than its peers. Energy use in commercial buildings and manufacturing plants accounts for nearly half of all energy consumption in the U.S. at a cost of over $200 billion per year, more than any other sector of the economy. 

Understanding the energy use of a building is important--just as it's useful to know the estimated miles per gallon for your automobile.

ENERGY STAR provides tools to help measure the energy use of facilities and to compare to similar facilities.

The building score is calculated based on a scale of 1-100. Buildings that score a 75 or greater may qualify for the ENERGY STAR.

Buildings that perform in the top 25% of energy efficiency nationwide compared to their peers may be eligible for the ENERGY STAR.

ENERGY STAR certified buildings:

  • Use 35% less energy.
  • Generate 35% fewer greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Cost 50 cents less per square foot to operate (office buildings).

For more information on how to save energy at work, please click here:

Albemarle Schools Energy Star Ratings



Overrides at schools are not to be used at any time. If there are significant problems with the heating, air, or lights, please contact your supervisor immediately.


Set Backs

Each evening the HVAC systems are adjusted  to save energy and tax payer dollars.  During occupied hours in the warmer months, the building temperatures should be between 70-74°. During the colder months, the temperatures should be between 68-72° during occupied hours.


Night Time Cleaning

Please remember to turn off hallway lighting when not in use. Please turn off lighting in cafeteria/gym or any large areas when not being cleaned/used. Please clean up large areas immediately after usage and turn off all lights.

Energy Management Quiz.pdf

Turn all quizzes in to Building Services (attention to Pam/Tracy), via:
Fax: 434-975-9341
or Pony Mail.

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