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Checklists SPED

​TO:         All Principals
FROM:    Kevin Kirst, Director of Special Education and Student Services
RE:         Checklists: Special Education Procedures
DATE:     Monday, July 27, 2015  



The purpose of this memorandum is to:

  1. Provide background on checklists (evidenced based practice);
  2. Share with administration the checklists that are used as "Special Education Procedures";
  3. Make procedures accessible to administration to enable them to support special education staff;
  4. Support use of checklists by all to ensure compliance, minimize research time (increasing time providing specialized instruction) and implementation of best practices across the school division to improve outcomes for students with disabilities.  


During the 2011-12 School Year, the Albemarle County Department of Special Education implemented the use of checklists to replace their text based procedures manual. This change was based initially on a presentation provided by Dr. Dan Reschely at a Response to Intervention Institute in 2012, supported by the Virginia Department of Education. Dr. Reschely shared a resource, a book call "The Checklist Manifesto" authored by Dr. Atul Gwande. Dr. Gwande proposed using checklists to force function, to use a structured approach to remind us to do routine behaviors that are essential to complex tasks. Dr. Gwande's results of implementing checklists in the medical community were astounding and Dr. Reschely challenged participants to replicate the findings in public education. 


Since the initial use of checklists, an amazing effect has been noted. The first indication that the checklists may be effective came in the Fall of 2012. As staff were supported and encouraged to use the checklists for Initial, Re-Evaluation and Triennial Evaluations, compliance increased and calls for support to central office decreased dramatically. It was clear we were onto something and made a commitment to provide checklists for processes and procedures as the need arose, increasing our library each year. Special education teachers and related services staff have access to all the checklists, as they are posted on the Main Menu in EDplan, Albemarle County School's special education management system.


The checklists are structured according to the description provided by Dr. Gwande to ensure use and effectiveness. Each checklist is one page in length, written in plain and understandable language. The checklists are written in a linear, step by step process in the context of the "ideal" process. 

The user works through the checklist in a linear fashion, working through a routine process to complete the identified task. This format requires the professional to reach out for support only when there is a deviation in the procedural checklist. As a result of using checklists, when staff do need support, they are typically able to clearly define​ the issue that needs support.    


For your reference and use, the Special Education Checklist Library is posted here. It will be updated annually.
Should you have a special education procedure you would like to see in a checklist, contact your coordinator. 

504Assigning Yourself as 504 Case Manager504_Assign_CM504_Assign_CM.pdf
Steps to create your caseload using the special education management system.
504Creating a Section 504 Plan Document504CreatePlan504CreatePlan.pdf
Steps to create a Section 504 Plan using the special education management system.
504Facilitating a 504 Initial Eligiblity504InitEligibility504InitEligibility.pdf
Steps to process an initial eligibility for Section 504.
504Facilitating a 504 Re-Evaluation504ReEval504ReEval.pdf
Steps to process a Section 504 re-evaluation.
504Facilitating a Section 504 Planning Meeting504FacilPlanMtg504FacilPlanMtg.pdf
Steps to facilitate a Section 504 planning meeting.
504Searching for 504 Students in EDplan (EasyIEP)504StuSearch504StuSearch.pdf
Steps to use EDplan (previously EasyIEP) to search for eligible students at a school.
ADMINAdministration: After the IEP MeetingAdmin_AfterIEPAdmin_AfterIEP.pdf
Steps to put closure after the conclusion of the formal IEP meeting. This checklist is designed to support the LEA (Local Educational Administrator / school administrator) to ensure a complaint and professional routine is followed after an IEP meeting.
ADMINAdministration: During the IEP Meeting Admin_DuringIEPAdmin_DuringIEP.pdf
Steps for the LEA (Local Educational Administrator / school administration) to follow to ensure a compliant and professional facilitation of the IEP Meeting takes place.  
ADMINAdministration: Preparing for the IEP MeetingAdmin_PrepIEPAdmin_PrepIEP.pdf
Steps for the LEA (Local Educational Administrator / school administration) to use to ensure all the necessary work is done to prepare for a complaint and professional IEP Meeting.
ADMINAssigning Case Managers in EDplanAssign_CMsAssign_CMs.pdf
Steps for Lead Teachers or staff with administrative rights in EDplan to assign case managers to children with disabilities or in the eligibility process.
ADMINPlacement of a Student with Disabilities Outside of the Regular School BuildingPlacementOutsidePlacementOutside.pdf
Procedures to use when considering services for a child with disabilities that cannot be educated appropriately in their neighborhood school. 
ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGYEnd of Year Assistive Technology ProcessEOYATCheckInEOYATCheckIn.pdf
This checklist provides the Case Manager guidance on procedures at the end of the school year with regard to assistive technology.
CASE MANAGERCase manager Begining of the Year ChecklistStart of the Year ChecklistStart of the Year Checklist.pdf
This checklists serves a dual purpose; it is a checklist and a verification form. This checklist is to be marked up, signed by the case manager and turned into staff to verify the year ready to begin!!!
CASE MANAGERCase Manager End of Year ChecklistsEnd of Year ChecklistEnd of Year Checklist.pdf
This is a listing of all the basic things a Case Manager should take care of prior to leaving for the summer. 
CASE MANAGERCase Manager Start of the YearStart of Year ReviewStart of Year Review.pdf
DISCIPLINEChange of Placement ConsiderationDISCChngePlceDISCChngePlce.pdf
This process can be used to determine if a change of placement has occurred.
DISCIPLINEManifestation Determination Review ProcessMDRMDR.pdf
A guide to walk staff through the Manifestation Determination Review process.
DISCIPLINEService Planning with Enterprise CenterEnterpriseEnterprise.pdf
This checklists provides clarity to staff at the base school as well as Enterprise Center for program development and case manager responsibilities for students with an IEP. Referral and return procedures defined.
DISCIPLINESuspension - Dangerous StudentSuspension DangerSuspension Danger.pdf
This checklist will guide the administrator through the procedures to use when suspension is being used because the child with a disability is considered to be a "dangerous student". 
DISCIPLINESuspension 10 or Less DaysSuspension 10 or LessSuspension 10 or Less.pdf
This guide informs staff on the course of action for a student suspended less than 10 days in a school year.
DISCIPLINESuspension Due to Drugs or WeaponsSuspension Drugs WeaponsSuspension Drugs Weapons.pdf
A guided step by step procedure in the event a student with a disability is being considered for suspension due to a disciplinary incident involving drugs or weapons.
DISCIPLINESuspension of 10 or More Days Suspension 10 or MoreSuspension 10 or More.pdf
This is a guide on the procedures to use when a student with a disability is suspended for 10 or more days at one time, for a single event.
DISCIPLINESuspensions Exceed 10 Cumulative Days in a YearSuspensions Exceed 10 CumulativeSuspensions Exceed 10 Cumulative.pdf
This checklist provides steps to take in the event a child with a disability is suspended for more than 10 days, cumulatively during the school year.
ESYExtended School Year Referral ProcessESYprocessESYprocess.pdf
The referral procedures for Extended School Year (ESY) are outlined for staff . These steps begin in the Winter.
EVALUATIONBreakdown of Special Education EvaluationsEvalDefsEvalDefs.pdf
This graphic provides a description of the different types of special education evaluations, their characteristics, individuals' roles and associated procedures.
EVALUATIONInitial Evaluation for Special Education Using Eligiblity Process in EDplanInitialEval_EDplanInitialEval_EDplan.pdf
This checklist explains the procedures to use when facilitating an initial eligibility for special services using the "Eligibility Process" in EDplan.
EVALUATIONRe-Evaluation for Special Education Using EDplanReeval_EDplanReeval_EDplan.pdf
Procedures for using the "Eligibility Process" in EDplan is outlined.
EVALUATIONRe-Evaluation ProceduresReeval_proceduresReeval_procedures.pdf
This checklist outlines the purpose and process of a Re-Evaluation for special education for the case manager.
EVALUATIONTriennial Evaluation ProceduresTriennialEvalTriennialEval.pdf
This checklist outlines the purpose and process of a Triennial Evaluation for special education for the case manager.
EVALUATIONSSummer Special Education EvaluationsSummer_EvalsSummer_Evals.pdf
Procedures for processing evaluations that will have to be completed during the Summer months.
RELATED SERVICESAdding Oneself to an IEP TeamAddSelfIEPTmAddSelfIEPTm.pdf
Steps to add yourself (related services)to an IEP Team.


































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