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Application Process

Application Process

1) Counselors will initiate conversation about ISAEP as an alternative and pre-screen applicants for initial eligibility based on prerequisites.

2) Student and parent will meet a school counselor at their home high school to get a basic overview of the ISAEP program and to consider applying for entry into ISAEP. All 3 applications may be completed during this meeting. For students receiving Special Education services, the case manager should be involved in this meeting. The school counselor can collect the applications, access the other support material, and forward the information to the primary contact at their high school who will then schedule testing and visitation with the ISAEP Coordinator.

3) Student will complete the 4 part Official Practice Test of General Education Development (GED). Students will be tested on a regular, prescheduled cycle. The testing will generally take place on consecutive Friday mornings at the ISAEP Center. A student must complete ALL entry tests in order to be considered for ISAEP. Test results will be sent to guidance counselor via email within 2 days of completion. The school counselor will inform student and parent of test results.

4) Students who achieve minimum entry scores will be contacted by the school counselor to schedule an ISAEP entry meeting. Parent, student, ISAEP Coordinator, and school counselor MUST be present at the plan meeting. Class schedule, occupational component, and other program details will be finalized at the ISAEP Entry meeting.

5) The final step in the entry process is a career-aptitude assessment. Student is required to take a computerized evaluation of interests and career potential using CareerScope or similar software. This may take place as the student enters the ISAEP Program.

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