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​ESOL Curriculum

Our curriculum was collaboratively developed by ACPS teachers and was adapted from the Ontario Curriculum for ESL, the WIDA Standards, Virginia SOLs, and our Lifelong Learner Competencies​.

ESOL teachers differentiate instruction based on the profic​iency that students bring with them to each level.

Albemarle County ESOL Benchmarks

High School ESOL Curriculum Resources

High School ESOL Level I Curriculum.pdfHigh School ESOL Level 1 Curriculum

High School ESOL I Model Pacing Guide.pdfHigh School ESOL Level 1 Sample Pacing Guide

ESOL Newcomer Program Content Themes.pdfESOL Newcomer Content Them​es

High School ESOL Level 2 Curriculum.pdfHigh School ESOL Level 2 Curricul​um

High School ESOL Level 3 Curriculum

Middle School ESOL Curriculum Resources

Middle School ESOL Level 1 Sample Pacing Guide​

Middle School ESOL Level 2/3 Curriculum

Middle School ESOL Level 2 and 3 Sample Pacing Guide

Elementary ESOL Curriculum Resources

The Albemarle County elementary ESOL language goals provide a scope and sequence for language development. They allow teachers to assess what students are able to do and determine next steps for instruction​ across grade levels and language development. The quarterly ESOL goals also serve as a tool for communication among classroom and ESOL teachers to support effective collaboration.

ACPS ESOL Kindergarten Language Goals

​ACPS ESOL Kindergarten Language Goals - Español

ACPS ESOL Grades 1-2 Language Goals

​ACPS ESOL Grades 1-2 Language Goals - Español

ACPS ESOL Grades 3-5 Language Goals

​ACP​S ESOL Grades 3-5 Language Goals - Español

​​​​​​​​​​International & ESOL Welcome Center / Department of Student Learning​

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