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Request an Artist-in-Residence

​​​​​​​Artists-in-Residence Program

Requesting an Artist-in-Residence

Artists who are partnered with Albemarle County Public Schools in the Artist-in-Residence program bring their special talents to our students to learn, listen and cultivate the diversity of many different cultures, ethnic differences and shared interests. These artists will collaborate with teachers to deliver lessons that can be 45, 60 and/or 90 minutes in length. 

The Artist-in-Residence progr​am will pay a portion of the event, or in some cases the entire expense. When the residence program does not cover the entire cost, the participating school engaging the artist will be responsible for the additional fees. Fees for assemblies may be at a higher rate.  We will allow payment to the AiR for one 30-minute pre-planning session to coordinate your collaborative lesson planning and co-teaching strategies.

To get started, please follow these steps in the following order:

1. Contact ​Jennifer Whitley at​ or (434) 296-5820 x13529 to receive the contact information of the artist you would like to work with.

2. Contact the artist of interest to settle on the details of your plan to work together; you will need these details before you submit your request form to Jennifer.

3. Submit your AIR Request Form at least two weeks prior to the lesson(s), to Jennifer at least two weeks prior to be approved by Community Engagement, and in order for the artist(s) to be invoiced and paid promptly.


Email Address:

Phone Number:


  1. explain how this artist will enrich your lesson (required)
  2. Number of lessons that you are requesting:
  3. Setting(s):
    (Classroom, Gym, Auditorium, Media Center, Outdoors/Playground, Other)
  4. Artist-In-Residence requested:
    Review current artists and sample lesson plans
  5. Length of Each Session
    (i.e. one 45 minutes, two 60 minutes, one 90 minutes, etc)​
  6. Date(s) & Time(s) Requested:
  7. Audience - Please indicate all that apply and what specific grade levels
    • Students only - classroom setting
    • Several Classes - same grade level
    • Several classes - different grade levels
    • All School Assembly
    • Open to the Public
    • Other (be specific)____________

Samples Of Approved Artist-In-Residence Requests/Lesson Plans

Sample Approved Multiple Artist-In-Residence Request/Lesson Plan


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