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Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers


When and how do I get my textbooks rebound?

- Contact Debbie Bush ( at Albemarle Resource Center (ARC), 972.4021.

- She will send you a "Bindery Form" to complete.

- Then call Debbie to inform her of number of boxes.

- Midatlantic Book Bindery company will pick up books once at the end of the fiscal year at the school site or a small sized box of books can be sent to ARC.

- Forms must be submitted to ARC by June 30th so that books are ready for the next school year.


How long before rebound books are returned to schools?

Textbooks are always returned before school starts. Library books are returned shortly after school starts.


What kinds of books are typically rebound?

Textbooks, library books, trade books, novels, paperbacks.


Who covers costs of binding?

School-based library budgets pay for library books. Individual school allocated Learning Resources budget covers the cost of remaining books to be bound. Average cost is around $8.00 per book.


What is done with old, discarded textbooks?

The following procedures are implemented: Resource Books, Inc. takes discard textbooks for sale, donation or recycling.


What is done with old, discarded, weeded library books?

These books are donated to the Gordon Avenue public library for their annual library book book drive. Books unfit for the public library sale are delivered to the McIntire Recycle Center.


Lost Books

If the book is new, the family pays current market cost. If the book is used, they pay used price replacement cost (typically ½ cost of new book). Link to IIAA SBPolicy… The school sends a check to Debbie Bush made out to Albemarle County Public Schools. The Learning Resources school contact person sends an order for replacement copy. If the family finds the lost book and have paid the replacement costs, then they will be reimbursed.

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