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Planning Curriculum

Planning Curriculum

Information for Planning Curriculum

Lifelong Learner Competencies: This is a direct link to the ACPS Lifelong Learner Competencies that serve as the division's central target for teaching and learning.

Curriculum Overview from ACPS Framework for Quality Learning: This overview includes questions to consider when planning curriculum, along with ways of moving beyond the Virginia Standards of Learning.

Components of Concept-Centered Curriculum from ACPS Framework for Quality Learning: This resource describes the alignment between concepts, Enduring Understandings, Essential Questions, and standards as they apply to planning curriculum.

Use of Curriculum Mapping to Build a Learning Community: This website contains Chapter 2 of Heidi Hayes-Jacobs' Getting Results with Curriculum Mapping ​which focuses on the process in which PLCs may engage for planning curriculum.

Tools & Resources for Developing Curriculum Maps and Pacing Guides

  • ACPS employees can find examples of curriculum maps and pacing guides by signing into this website and selecting the appropriate Core Instructional Area.

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