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Making Decisions

Making Decisions

Information on Making Decisions

Organizing Team Decision Making: This article from MindTools identifies the importance of reaching consensus for better decisions, the challenge of team decisions, and the various methods that teams can use in order to reach consensus (including ensuring participation, voting for consensus, and receiving anonymous contributions).

How to Make Good Decisions as a Team: This article by CEO Les McKeown in Inc. highlights three important stages of group decision-making: Data, Debate, and Decide or Defer.

Tools & Resources for Making Decisions

  • Collaborative Meeting Log: A resource designed to help teams reflect on the current state of a topic by identifying What's Working and Challenges / Concerns / Questions, and then plan for the future by identifying Next Steps and Necessary Supports.
  • Here's What --> So What? --> Now What? protocol: A tool designed by the National School Reform Faculty of Harmony Education Center to help teams identify what is currently being done (Here's What), why it is important to the team (So What?), and what next steps need to take place (Now What?).
  • SWOT Analysis: A tool designed to help teams consider a topic of focus through the lens of the internal Strengths and Weaknesses of the team's practices, along with the external Opportunities and Threats that may be impacting practice. Through this lens, teams can identify ways to take advantage of the internal Strengths and external Opportunities, while mitigating the impacts of the internal Weaknesses and external Threats.
  • Fishbone diagram (Coming soon)

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