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Course Conference Reimbursement

​Course Conference Reimbursement

Classified Employee Conference/Course Reimbursement

You may apply for reimbursement up to $250 for a conference or up to $750 for a course, per fiscal year.  Please submit your signed application to Shelia Waddy before you take the class.  Once you have been approved and completed the class, please send a copy of the payment receipt and grade, if applicable, to Shelia Waddy.

Classified Employee Seeking Teacher Licensure

This program was developed to offer financial assistance to classified employees pursuing a career in teaching.   Candidates are eligible to receive up to $1,500 in course reimbursements/$750 per course per fiscal year for completed classes which are taken for initial licensure or licensure renewal.  Please submit your application to Shelia Waddy.  Upon completion of your class, please submit a copy of your grade and payment receipt.

Professional Development Reimbursement Program (PDRP)

Currently employed Albemarle County teachers are eligible to apply for PDRP reimbursement for up to $750 for coursework or up to $750 for presenters for one state or national conference per semester or $250 for all other conferences per teacher, per semester.

Reimbursement Forms


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