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Breaking Tradition

Breaking Tradition

2013 Breaking Tradition Conference

Friday, March 22, 2013, 5:30pm EST, Keynote Speech
Saturday, March 23, 2013, 8am EST, Breakout Sessions Begin

Sponsored by:

The William Glasser Institute,


& Albemarle County Public Schools 


About the Conference

The first Breaking Tradition Online Conference was held on April 8th and 9th, 2012 via Blackboard Elluminate technology.

The Breaking Tradition Online Conference brings together Progressive Educators from Kindergarten through College to Share their Best Ideas. The conference is sponsored by Albemarle County Public Schools, The William Glasser Institute, and Blackboard. Utilizing Blackboard's Elluminate technology, the online conference brings together educators from around the world to share ideas about progressive education.

Read about the founding of Breaking Traditions in the words of Charlotte Wellen, Conference Coordinator from Murray High School, Albemarle County's Glasser Quality School.

2012 Archives

Title Presenter(s) Video

​Keynote Speaker

​Dr. Margo Figgins ​Watch Session

​Keynote Speaker

​Ashby Kindler ​Watch Session

​"Talking Straight" to your students & Listening Well to their needs

​Mary Kelly Watch Session

​From London to Charlottesville and Back Again

​Dr. Pam Moran and Dominy Roe  Watch Session

​Promoting Student Learning and Development through Intentional Practice in an Alternative High School

​Dr. Jeffery Jones Watch Session

​Choose Wisely: Using Choice Theory and Reality Therapy to Understand Addiction and Treatment

​Dr. Ron Mottern ​Watch Session

​"What is a Good Teacher?" From the Perspective of Students from a Glasser Quality High School 

​Ellie Darradji and other Murray High School Students Watch Session

​Can Coding Really Change the World?

​Kim Wilkens and Allison Starks Watch Session

​Having Fun and Connecting in a Kiwi Way

​Bette Blance Watch Session

​Peaceful Parenting and More

​Dr. Nancy Buck ​Watch Session

​My Change from Boss to Lead Manager in the Classroom

​Mateja Persolja Watch Session

​Using Choice Theory and Physics with Bullying Issues in School

​Ken Pierce Watch Session

​Choice Theory and Career Counseling

​Thomas Payton ​Watch Session

​Best Practices of Lower Elementary

​Tina Houston, Christine Butler, and Karen Bruder Watch Session

​Teaching 4th, 5th, and 6th grade in a Glasser Quality School

​Erika Harmeyer Due to Technical Difficulties, No Archive is Available for This Presentation

​Making it Memorable and Meaningful

​Erica Payne, Kelly Oehler, and Kim Cousins ​Watch Session

​Academic Choice and Student-Driven Learning

​Michael Thornton and Ira Socol ​Watch Session

​The Benefits of Thematic Curriculum

​Nancy Herrick ​Watch Session

​Project HOPE for Teachers: Harmonize, Organize, Posibilitize, Encourage

​Michael Rospenda ​Watch Session

​How to Handle Every Discipline Problem without Coercion

​Dr. Marv Marshall ​Watch Session

​The Whole Child Through Choice Theory

​Steve Hammond ​Watch Session

Google Docs in the Classroom

​Tony Wayne Watch Session

​Relationships, Habits, Policies, and Digital Citizenship

​Becky Fisher and Jamie Foreman Watch Session

​Transforming a Culture of Relating: Tension Woods Catholic School's Journey to Better Relationships

​Sylvia Habel ​Watch Session

​Ireland's Youthreach Trim Quality Centre of Education - Our Journey so far 2003-2012

Caitriona Cullen and other staff members ​Watch Session

​The Way In is the Way Out: Teacher Preparation in a Standards-based System

​Dr. Hood Frazier and Lea Civiello ​Watch Session

​Using Role Playing that Works

​Lucy Billings Robbins ​Watch Session

​Fostering the 21st Century Learner

​Jennifer Graham-Wright and Danielle Kauffman ​Watch Session


​Brandon Lee ​Watch Session

​A Choice Theory Strategy for Promoting Success for Disaffected High School Students

​Brian Patterson and Stephen Tracy Watch Session

​Being a Quality School or Classroom in a Boss-Managed System

​Kim Olver  ​Watch Session

​Need-Strength Incompatibility

​Kim Olver  Watch Session


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