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Glossary of Terms


*To find a specific term, enter CTRL and F, and type in the word you are looking for.  For questions, email us at​.

Glossary of Terms​


​Dashboard(s), are located at the top of the screen, contain tabbed menus with links to vital information such as exceptions, current hours, looking up list of employees.
​Online reports used to locate employees and/or view detailed or summary time data.
​My Department
​A dashboard that allows you to view the list of your employees.
​Manage Request Manager
​A dashboard that allows you to view and approve your employee's timecard.
​Rounding Rule
​The system calculates and rounds time in 15-minute increments.  There is a seven minute grace period on either side of the punch before it rounds to the next 15-minute mark.
​The work space where edits are performed on time entries.  Even though some people won't be recording "time", this is the term taht Kronos uses for recording of both time and leave.


​If you use leave, the amount of leave used appears here.
​Cascading rules
​The process for how the system automatically populates leave through a specific order if there are insufficient leave balances to meet the initial request.
​If you've selected either the pay period or schedule period from the dropdown, it will start with the Saturday of that work week, because that's when the work week starts.
​When a non-exempt employee creates a leave request, they use the Duration field to enter the amount of time requested for each day of the request, down to the 15-minute increment.
​The red "i" exception alert means the employee clocked in outside (early or late) of the scheduled hours.  The alert is informational only and does not require action in the system by the supervisor or timekeeper.
​Historical Corrections
​Adjustments, additions, or deductions made to a timecard in a signed-off or locked pay period.
​Leave Washing
​The process by which an employee takes leave in a week but also works additional hours beyond his/her/their normal schedule.  The original leave request then needs to be cancelled and a new leave request submitted to balance the base pay for the workweek.

​Missed Punch
​The exception alert appears on the timecard as a red block cell in the In/Out column for a day; this means the employee forgot to log in or out.

​Pay Code
​If you use leave, you will see information in the Pay Code column for that leave usage, which includes the type of leave request, and the type of leave used to fulfill the request.

​Entries on a timecard that mark the beginning (in-punch) or end (out-punch) of a work interval, such as the beginning of a shift or transfer.

​For non-exempt employees, this is the schedule assigned to you that must match base pay hours for the work period.  This information is required for the system to calculate time and leave properly.  While exempt employees have schedules, the system does not calculate leave from the displayed schedule.  Exempt employees may actually work different hours from what is displayed on the timecard.

​How much time the employee recorded in one block of time as measured by the in and out punches.

​A set of tules written into the system to cover those scenarios where an employee doesn't work up to his/her/their normal schedule and doesn't submit a leave request to cover that time.

​Most employees who work one job will not see this column used.  Timekeepers will use this column to apply additional pay for additional/extra jobs.

​Totals Area
​Gray button at the bottom of the timecard, where you can summaraize your hours worked, base pay, accruals, audits, and historical corrections. 

Technical features/functions

​Biometric Device
​Security identification and authentication device that allows you to punch in and out.
​Calculate Totals
​Displays the results of your changes without saving to the audit trail in the timecard.  This button is grayed out unless someone is performing actions on the timecard.  When it's available, it functions as a tool to allow supervisors to make sure the action they have performed is giving them the desired end result, without permanently editing the timecard.
​Offline Mode
​If you need to use the mobile app in a locaton wher you don't have cell service, they system has a feature that allows you to use the app to record time, and it will upload once you have cell reception.  You must re-open th mobile app to allow the recorded time to upload to the system.
​Record Time Stamp
​Command on the center-right section of the full-client webpage.  This feature allows you to punch in/out.  Note: Be sure to Refresh the timecard to see the punches reflected.
​The Request Off "TRO"
​Process/form to request leave.
​Quick Find
​A search function that finds employees for the purpose of performing system functions.
​Quick Time Stamp
​A webpage that allows staff to quickly record time.  The staff members enter his/her/their username and password, and then clicks on the Record Time Stamp command.  The webpage then refreshes so that the next person can punch in/out.​


​The amount of leave earned by an employee at established intervals.  Depending on their employment status, employees can accrue sick leave and annual/personal leave.
​Pay Code
​For timekeepers/supervisors.  Tracks leave types and it can also be used for additional pay.

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