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Guide to Courses

Pathways to Your Future


Welcome to "Pathways to Your Future," the Guide to High School Credit Courses for Albemarle County Public Schools. This guide is provided as a tool to enable you to embrace learning, to excel in your work and readiness for a career and education beyond high school, and to own your future!

January is the time of year for students to make plans and to choose courses for the coming school year. As a part of this process, the Guide to High School Credit Courses is provided to assist you with course selections and long-term educational and career planning. School counselors, in collaboration with parents and teachers, assist each student in planning a program of study and selecting courses for the next school year.

How to Use this Guide

This guide is organized in sections as outlined in the top-left menu. It begins by identifying specialty centers offered at the high school level, so you can think about pathways leading to them. The guide further details department subject areas, including course descriptions. Additional sections include enrichment opportunities, course credit guidelines, and general information, including graduation requirements, our grading scale, athletic eligibility, and more.

Course Requests

The Course Request Process for the upcoming year is an opportunity for students to think carefully about their interests, achievements, and educational and career goals. View the process timeline »

Career Planning

All Albemarle County high school students will graduate with a Career Plan. With the support of school counselors and career specialists, students will develop and refine their career plan through the four-year planning process. Learn more about career planning​ »

Course Descriptions

As you start reading about courses, you will find that each course description has several parts. The listings for courses in this guide include the following information (where applicable):

Course Title & Description

Course(s) that should be passed
before taking this course

Course(s) that should be taken
at the same time as this course

Number of credits received upon passing the course

Course Code
If applicable, this section also indicates the level(s) at which the course is taught. In addition to Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment, the school division offers the following levels of core courses: Standard, Academic/Advanced, and Honors. Learn more on the
General Information page.

Grade(s) in which course is offered (9, 10, 11, 12)

Indicates which school(s) or Specialty Center offers the course

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