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Accessibility Checkers and Tools

Accessibility Checkers and Tools

Web Content

WAVE (Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool)

Free tool for checking single pages for compliance and color contrast issues.  Available as extensions (recommended) for Firefox and Chrome, or as an online tool:

WAVE Walkthrough ยป


Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Installed on most ACPS PCs (contact the LEAD Service Desk if you need this software installed). Built-in accessiblity checker identifies issue and can fix many with a sinlge click.  ALT tags, Heading "nesting," Reading Order often require manual fixes within Acrobat.  Heading order repair is daunting for non-technical users.  Color Contrast check requires use of external tools.

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Office Documents

Accessibility Checker

Tool built-in to Office 2016, identifies issues and provides instructions on fixing them. 

Tool not enabled by default.  To activate:

  1. Go to File > Options > Customize Ribbon.
  2. In Main Tabs column on the right, select the Review tab. 
  3. Click "New Group" button, name it "Accessbility Checker"
  4. In left column select "Commands Not in the Ribbon."
  5. Making sure your "Accessbility Checker" group is still selected on the right,  click "Add >>"
  6. Click OK. You should now have a new "Accessbility Checker" button in your Review Tab.

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Color Contrast

Color Contrast Analyzer
Windows desktop application allows you to use an "eydropper" tool to select colors in any document or program for testing against AA and AAA acceessiblity level standards.  You can then use the panel to adjust color values and find combinations that meet the requrements.

Get Acrobat PDF Reader You may need the free Acrobat Reader to access information presented in PDF format.