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Teacher Site Options

​Options for Teacher Web Sites

Teachers may create websites using either:

  • internally-hosted WordPress servers;
  • the ACPS Google domain);
  • an external website provider of their choice.

WordPress Sites (Internally-Hosted)

Submit this form to request a WordPress site »

On the site request form, please  indicate:

  • Whether you want your site configured for blogging or for static content.
  • Whether you want us to help migrate your content from an existing Sharepoint teacher profile page.

We'll notify you when your site has been created.  When you are ready to make it available to the public, you can add the link to your school Staff directory listing

Blog vs Static Site: What's the Difference?

A blog is simply a chronological series of posts — think of it as an online Journal — with the latest posts at the top of the page. You can tag and categorize your posts to facilitate searching, sorting and browsing. Blog posts are usually brief, frequent, and preferably timely. For these reasons blogs are regarded as a type of “dynamic” web application, similar to social media.

A conventional web site, in contrast, is often described as "static." The home page, structure, and navigation are all carefully designed in a fixed format. Edits, typically, are made less often than on a blog. Think of a static web site as something like a brochure or booklet crafted to present specific information.

Blogs are a good choice if posting a sequence of “articles” meets your needs & objectives. A static site might be the best choice if you want to post course descriptions, syllabi, or general information about yourself and your approach to teaching.

Tutorials for ACPS WordPress Sites »

Google Sites (k12albemarle domain)

How to Create your Google Site »

Externally-Hosted Sites

Teachers also can choose to use third-party web hosts -- such as Weebly -- for their web presence. We don't provide support or assistance with these.

Teachers who choose to use external hosting services should keep in mind that:

  • your web presence is a reflection and representation of ACPS;
  • your web presence is expected to be professional in content and tone;
  • you should, in particular, avoid hosts that may insert inappropriate ads or other paid content into your pages;
  • your site is subject to ACPS branding requirements.

Branding Requirements for ACPS Web Sites

All ACPS websites must comply with the following minimal branding requirements:

  • Prominent placement of the ACPS logo, linked to the ACPS website (;
  • Clear identification of the school(s) where you teach.

Download the ACPS logo for your site »

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Add or edit your own Staff Directory web link!

When your site is ready to "go live," you can now add your web link to your School Staff directory listing.

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