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School Board Updates

In an effort to increase engagement with parents and the community around educational issues, the Albemarle County School Board posts brief summaries of our meetings here, recognizing that parents and community members may not have time or opportunity to attend our meetings or connect through our live stream.

The updates below are organized by meeting date. Each entry lists the topics addressed within the update. Click on the desired date to read the corresponding meeting summary.


​Updates on Special Education; “Away for the Day" Program; Budget Development; Red Hill Elementary School Addition and Renovation Funding Request; Continuity of Education; Fiscal Year 2020-2021 Budget Development


​Budget Development Updates; Baker-Butler's Building Capacity; COVID-19 Closure Operations Updates (Student Meal Service; Student Technology Updates; Office of Community Engagement; Instruction; ESOL Student and Family Support; Special Education; Mental Health and Community Support Organizations)


​Proposed Merger of Community Public Charter School and Murray High School; ACPS@Home; High School Modernization


​School Board Elections and Meeting Dates; Bond Referendum Updates; Updates on School Renaming; Superintendent's Funding Request


​Human Resources Updates; Budget Development for Fiscal Year 2020-2021


​State of the Division Report; New High School Learning and Career Exploration Center; Anti-Racism Policy; A Student on the School Board


​Anti-Racism Policy; Proposed Legislative Packet; School Board Evaluation


​Renovation Projects at Red Hill and Scottsville Elementary Schools; Comprehensive High School Program of Studies; Renaming Cale Elementary School; Anti-Racism Policy


​Renaming Cale Elementary School; FY 2019-20 Budget Proposals


​ACPS Teacher Recognition; Enrollment; Joint Work Session of School Board and Board of Supervisors


​Building Services Summer 2019 Update; Capital Improvement Priorities; Proposed Changes to Public Comment; Differentiated Staffing


​Professional Development; Capital Improvement Program Priorities; “Reframing the Narrative” Program


​Long-Range Planning Report; Energy Performance Contract Update; International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme at Murray High School; Hiring Update


​SEAD Team; Freshman Seminar; Student Experiences; E-Cigarettes; Graduations


​Next Year’s Budget; Capital Projects; Strategic Priorities; Strategic Plan


​Dress Code; Special Education Advisory Committee’s Annual Report; Update on Professional Learning; Recycling and Waste Management Update; Live Video Feed of School Board meetings; Gold Card Program; Appointment of Dr. Daphne Keiser to the role of Director of Educator Quality


​2019-20 Budget Update; Teacher Hiring Process; Community Coaches; Charter School Annual Report


​Student Conduct/Dress Code; Anti-Racism Policy


​2019-20 Funding Request; Anti-Racism Policy; Student Apparel and Expression


Board's Organizational Meeting; Committee Assignments; Student Career Survey; Bond Referendum Project Status; Superintendent's Funding Request Presentation


Draft Anti-Racism Policy; School Safety; School Calendar; Naming of School Facilities


​Superintendent's First 100 Days; Development of an Anti-Racism Policy; Cell Tower at Western Albemarle High School; Financial Updates


​Equitable Policies; Historically Accurate Curriculum; School Integration in Virginia and Albemarle County; Reviewing School Names; Programs of Study; State of the Division; Gifted Program Participation; SATs and College Readiness


​Technology in the Classroom; Improvements in Reporting Bullying or Racial Discrimination; Joint Meeting With Supervisors; On-Time Graduation Rate; Opportunity Gaps Lead to Performance Gaps


​Eliminating Racism and Discrimination in our School Communities; New School Year Enrollment; Reforming Grading Practices; State Legislative Agenda; Meeting With Board of Supervisors


​Freshman Seminar; Albemarle Tech; Enrollment Growth and Capacity; Murray High School's Innovative Path; Our Virginia School Boards Association Advocate


Student Conduct and Dress Code; Boys and Girls Club Proposal; School Climate; Superintendent Listening Tour; Spotlight on Education

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