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Policy Updates

​​​​​​​​Policy Updates

Albemarle County Public Schools maintains over 600 policies. Our policies are locally developed through our work with the Virginia School Boards Association (VSBA) and they are tied to Virginia Code. Several are locally developed. Our policies translate our core values of excellence, young people, community, and respect into the backbone of our daily operations and aspirations for students. All of our policies may be viewed online through Electronic School Board.

The School Board reviews each policy at least every five years. In addition, we update policies based on Virginia Legislative changes as well as periodic changes to Virginia Code.

As an Albemarle County Public Schools employee, it is important to know about our policies in a few ways:

  • Be aware that policies exist and provide guidance in the following areas:
    • Section A: Foundations and Basic Commitments
    • Section B: School Board Governance and Operations
    • Section C: General School Administration
    • Section D: Fiscal Management
    • Section E: Support Services
    • Section F: Facilities Development
    • Section G: Personnel
    • Section I: Instruction
    • Section J: Students
    • Section K: School/Community Relations
    • Section L: ​Education Agency Relations
  • Know policies that impact you. For example, as an employee, you should know that Personnel policies exist that impact your employment, compensation, benefits, etc.
  • Read about changes to policies and ask your supervisor how they impact you.

This archive of policy updates is arranged by school year. An invalid policy link anywhere on this site means that there is a newer version of the policy available. Current versions of our School Board's policies may be viewed online through Electroni​c S​chool Board​​.​

Click on a school year below to view policy updates approved that year:

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