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Reports and Data

Reports and Data

SAT Data

SAT Scores 2017.pdfSAT Scores 2017
SAT Scores 2016.pdfSAT Scores 2016
SAT Scores 2015.pdfSAT Scores 2015
SAT Scores 2014.pdfSAT Scores 2014
SAT Scores 2013.pdfSAT Scores 2013
SAT Scores 2012.pdfSAT Scores 2012
SAT Scores 2011.pdfSAT Scores 2011
SAT Scores 2010.pdfSAT Scores 2010
SAT Scores 2009.pdfSAT Scores 2009
SAT Scores 2008.pdfSAT Scores 2008

AP Data

AP 17 Data and Tables.pdfAP 17 Data and Tables
AP 16 Data and Tables.pdfAP 16 Data and Tables
AP 15 Data and Tables.pdfAP 15 Data and Tables
AP 14 Data and Tables.pdfAP 14 Data and Tables
AP 13 Data and Tables.pdfAP 13 Data and Tables
AP 12 Data and Tables.pdfAP 12 Data and Tables
AP 11 Data and Tables.pdfAP 11 Data and Tables
AP 10 Data and Tables.pdfAP 10 Data and Tables
AP 09 Data and Tables.pdfAP 09 Data and Tables
AP 08 Data and Tables.pdfAP 08 Data and Tables


Grade 1_PALS_Trends_2014.pdfGrade 1_PALS_Trends_2014
Grade 2_PALS_Trends_2014.pdfGrade 2_PALS_Trends_2014
Grade K_PALS_Trends_2014.pdfGrade K_PALS_Trends_2014
Grade 1_PALS_Trends_2013.pdfGrade 1_PALS_Trends_2013
Grade 2_PALS_Trends_2013.pdfGrade 2_PALS_Trends_2013
Grade 1_PALS_Trends_2012.pdfGrade 1_PALS_Trends_2012
Grade 2_PALS_Trends_2012.pdfGrade 2_PALS_Trends_2012

On-Time Graduation Data

On Time Graduation Trends 17.pdfOn Time Graduation Trends 17
On Time Graduation Trends 16.pdfOn Time Graduation Trends 16
On Time Graduation Trends 15.pdfOn Time Graduation Trends 15
On Time Graduation Trends 14.pdfOn Time Graduation Trends 14
On Time Graduation Trends 13.pdfOn Time Graduation Trends 13
On Time Graudation Trends 12.pdfOn Time Graudation Trends 12

More Division Reports & Data

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Virginia Department of Education School Quality Profiles

Virginia’s School Quality Profiles provide information about student achievement, college and career readiness, program completion, school safety, teacher quality, and other topics of interest to parents and the general public. Report cards are available for schools, school divisions, and the commonwealth.

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Access Albemarle County's school-based School Quality Profiles »

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