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Albemarle County Public Schools recognizes that business and community partnerships provide valuable support for and enhancement of the educational programs offered by the Division. We strategically foster connections among diverse groups to promote student achievement and support organizational goals.

Business Partnerships

Bringing the community to the classroom allows students and their teachers to enhance learning through relationship building and relevance. Business involvement increases student knowledge and fosters a deeper understanding of careers and citizenship.

How can I help?

Albemarle County Public Schools welcomes business partners in a number of ways:

  • Volunteer. Business and community volunteers serve in our schools as tutors, Book Buddies, mentors, guest speakers.
  • Work. Schools always have projects for teams to take on during the United Way Day of Caring or other designated times.
  • Provide Access. Allow students to visit workplaces to learn from tours, internships, employment, or mentoring opportunities.
  • Sponsor. Business funding or sponsorship of school activities and programs provides resources for greater success.
  • Donate. Equipment or materials can be used in the classroom for hands-on training.
  • Advocate. The link between successful schools and economic development is clear. Speak up for strong schools.

Benefits of Business Partnerships

Partnerships with schools benefit both the business and education partners in four key areas:

Human Capital Development

  • Boosting employee morale through work on altruistic issues.
  • Enhancing and supporting employee recruitment and retention.
  • Preparing future employees for the challenges of the world of work.

Community Development

  • Creating better schools to contribute to the economic health of the community.
  • Improving the academic achievement of students.
  • Providing a worthwhile outlet for corporate philanthropy.

Student Achievement

  • Boosting student test scores.
  • Contributing to overall student achievement.
  • Enhancing the student experience.

Financial Impact

  • Increasing revenue.
  • Building customer loyalty.
  • Providing a revenue stream to schools.

Source: Council for Corporate & School Partnerships

Great Ideas for School-Community Connections

  • Host a Career Pathways Exploratory Night to expose students to the many career options in our area.
  • Invite students to visit your workplace for hands-on learning experiences.
  • Sponsor family learning activities and equipment so that parents can learn with their children and support their classroom lessons at home.
  • Provide jobs training for students and parents in order to raise the expectations for academic success and acquire skills for employment.
  • Provide service learning opportunities that connect students and community members in meaningful ways.
  • Consult, collaborate on and fund capital improvements to school facilities.
  • Help transform a school bus ride into a rolling study hall with mobile Internet routers that enable students to surf the Web wirelessly.
  • Provide internships for high school students to explore careers and gain valuable experience.
  • Sponsor high-tech schools consistent with CBIC's workforce needs.
  • Create a Computer Integrated Design Center that introduces high school students to careers in 3-D computer modeling, robotics, and automation.

For more information about business partnerships, contact: 
Chad Ratliff, Director of Instructional Programs, at 434-296-5820.​​


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