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Web Site Usage Tips

​Web Site Usage Tips

Recommended browsers

  • Firefox (Mac OS and Windows)
  • Google Chrome (Mac OS and Windows)
  • Internet Explorer 11 (Windows)
  • Safari (Mac OS)

Known Issues with Chrome


Google's Chrome browser will occasionally render web pages hosted on Microsoft's Sharepoint platform, as ours are, without the abilty to scroll. We have implemented every available measure to prevent this problem, but it may still occur.

If you encounter this problem, we recommend the following workarounds:

  • Generally the scroll bar will appear if you relaod the page a time or two (CTRL-R on Windows; CMD-R on Macs.)
  • Use another browser: Firefox generally works best on both PCs and Macs. Safari on the Mac and Internet Explorer 11 on Windows also work well.

Blank Calendars

Chrome will sometimes fail to render events listed on our School Calendar pages.

The same workardounds apply here:

  • Reload the page a time or two (CTRL-R on Windows; CMD-R on Macs.)
  • Use another browser.

Viewing PDFs and Other File Formats

Some information on this site is presented in PDF and Microsoft Office file formats. Below are links to free software you can use to open these files.


Recent versions of Firefox, Chrome and Safari web browsers can display PDFs without additional software. You may also install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software on your computer and configure your browser to use that instead.

Microsoft Office Files

By installing Open Office or the appropriate Microsoft File Viewer, you can access the content of Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents even if you do not have Microsoft Office installed on your computer:

Mac, Linux and Windows Users:
Open Office
Windows Users:
Word Viewer
Excel Viewer
PowerPoint Viewer

Enhancements for Mobile Compatibility

The ACPS web site gets a new look every year, but changes made in the summer of 2016 went much deeper. That overhaul incorporated open-source code that gives us, for the first time, a "responsive" web site that automatically adapts to the smaller screens of tablets and smartphones.

Previously, on the screens of mobile devices, our full-size web layouts simply scaled down, creating some serious usability challenges.

Our web pages now "respond" to the size of the user's device: columns of content re-flow to stack up vertically, images shrink, and navigation menus collapse.

Consequently, all our School web sites as well as the main Division site now provide a much improved user experience on smaller displays.

Get Acrobat PDF Reader You may need the free Acrobat Reader to access information presented in PDF format.